Thursday, December 10, 2020  |  9:00am-10:30am

C1: Hospice End of Life Care and Better Managing Hospice Utilization

Tom Maxwell, Co-CEO and

Co-Founder, Maxwell Healthcare Associates

CMS has extended the SIA payment through 2021 as a request to hospices to provide better care to their patients at the end of life. At the end of this session, participants will have: understanding of SIA; Understanding of End of Life care pathways; understanding of the utilization of all caregivers (RN, SW, CH, and HHA); documenting tips and tricks in your EMR; exposure to tools in the industry to help manage End of Life care; optimization of EMR documentation; understanding and communicating the hospice benefit; accountability and communication with clinicians.

For: Hospice

C2: Effects of Combat and Military Service at the End of Life 
John E. Franklin, M.D., HMDC, FAAHPM, Affiliated Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina; Hospice/Palliative Medicine and Geriatrics/Extended Care, Hospice/Palliative Care Medical Director, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center

This session will include an overview of different areas of military service, war-time periods and potential exposures and experiences as well as possible subsequent effects of combat and military service at the end of life. This session will help to improve awareness and knowledgeability on these topics for those who provide end of life care to Veterans. Finally, the presenter will briefly discuss the unique hospice benefits of enrolled (registered for care with the VA) Veterans.

For: All

C3: PDGM - Coding, OASIS & Physician Records!

Melinda Gaboury, CEO and Co-Founder, Healthcare Provider Solutions

The most significant change in Homecare Reimbursement in 20 years went into effect January 2020. At the forefront of the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is the clinical assessment and ICD-10 coding of the patient chart. Understanding the impact of coding and the OASIS-D1 Functional scoring is imperative. This session will take you through the crucial aspects of the clinical assessment, coding and confirming the information needed is received from the physician. This session will review: the key OASIS-D1 items that drive the Functional Scoring under PDGM; the key elements of ICD-10 coding under PDGM; and the impact of physician involvement in the PDGM model.

For: Home Health

C4: Building a Financially Sustainable Palliative Care Program: Technology and Beyond

Jessica Rockne, Senior Product Manager, Revenue Cycle, MatrixCare; Nick Knowlton, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for ResMed, parent company of Brightree and MatrixCare; and Mark Hendrix, CEO and Founder of nTakt, Inc.


Some might believe that palliative care is destined to lose money; however, with the right team, simplified processes, and focused technologies, you can build a financially sustainable program. In this session, you’ll identify the types of palliative care programs available to your organization and choose what technology is needed to be successful in your preferred program. Although having the support team in place early in the process does require an upfront financial commitment, it can help maximize revenue in the long run. Learn from our panel of experts who have developed successful palliative care programs caring for patients in the community and in hospitals.

For: Home Health and Hospice

Thursday, December 10, 2020  |  11:00am-12:00pm

D1: The Hospice Drug Profile

Ellen Fulp, PharmD, MSPC, BCGP, Director of Pharmacy Education, AvaCare

The hospice drug profile is often a source of confusion for new and seasoned hospice professionals alike. This session will review many of the current medication-related hot topics for hospices. This session will share tips for regulatory success, from ensuring medication appropriateness to understanding and explaining the 2020 “Patient Notification of Hospice Non-Covered Items, Services and Drugs” addendum. Be sure to bring your drug profile questions!

For: Hospice

D2: SC Medicaid Updates from SC Department of Health and Human Services

Margaret Alewine, Program Manager II

Candice Smith-Byrd, Program Manager I

SC Department of Health and Human Services

This session will cover provider manual updates as well as general SCDHHS updates for South Carolina Home Care Providers.

For: Home Care

D3: Need for Speed

J’non Griffin, RN, MHA, HCS-D, HCS-H, HCS-C, COS-C, Home Health Solutions

In this session, the presenter will discuss how the 30-day payment period increases the need to increase coder productivity and implement strategies that provide information faster. The presenter will explain how Requests for Anticipated Payments (RAPs) and notices of admissions that aren’t submitted within five days will lead to penalties in 2021.

For: Home Health

D4: Leveraging Market Data to Target Referrals

Bradley Lawton, Product Manager, MatrixCare

Information helps make important decisions. CRMs can provide market data solutions which provide insights as to how you can target new referral sources and focus your marketing resources on the sources that will provide the best return. Participants will be able to: understand market data and its key sources; learn how to mine data to maximize your referral programs; employ resource allocation - position the right marketers with the right accounts; and learn best practices for growing your base.

For: All

Thursday, December 10, 2020  |  1:00pm-2:00pm

E1: Hospice Compliance with Quality Measures

Dee Geray, RN, Clinical Consulting Senior Manager, McBee

As CMS continues to move forward with quality indicators and public reporting for hospice, it is important to know how you can use this information and reporting to help steer your agency towards success. This presentation will help hospice providers understand their operational process and all the data elements that are recorded from the start of a beneficiary admission until discharge. Providers will understand that being proactive by using reports and monitoring data elements will help strengthen the quality measures within their agency. Attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to identify at-risk elements and create an action plan that will improve their CMS monitored data and all public reports.

For: Hospice

E2: Powerful Practices for Virtual Sales & Marketing Training

Melynda Lee, MBA, Director, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Christina Andrews, Senior Manager, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Hear from industry experts on how to maximize your training time and budget with new approaches to a changing marketplace. In this interactive, experiential session, you’ll take away tips on how to introduce a virtual training program that drives referral growth, promotes your agency’s value, and boosts the customer experience. From the first ring to the next referral, this session is designed to help your team engage new business and generate growth now.

For: All

E3: Early Success Stories Under PDGM

Laura Page-Greifinger, BSN, RN, MSA, Consultant/Thought Leader/Co-Founder of Quality in Real Time

This session will explore early wins for agencies adapting to the new model. The presenters will highlight operational and organizational challenges and changes their agency has made, highlighting revenue cycle and patient care management under PDGM. The session will also discuss lessons learned and surprises encountered since January, and what new reporting metrics and tools have been implemented to assist in managing operations.

For: Home Health

E4: The Use of Telehealth in Home Care, Home Health and Hospice Care

Alissa Fleming, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson

This presentation will discuss the role of telehealth in the home health and hospice setting. Attendees will learn: state and federal law requirements for telehealth, including scope of practice issues for APRNs; prescribing via telehealth, including considerations when prescribing controlled substances; reimbursement for telehealth services; changes to Medicare requirements for telehealth due to COVID-19; billing and payment for telehealth services; and fraud and abuse considerations.

For: All